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Female G-Spot : A Review

Female G-Spot : A Review

1.The question : Does female G-pot really exist?

There are those who insist it does, yet several researchers insist there is no evidence that it's even real. Nevertheless, g-spot amplification surgery is available for women who want to enhance sexual pleasure, lending credibility to its existence.

Regardless, there is a popular held belief that massaging the g-spot can be accomplished once you know where to look. What is been popularly but erroneously called the G Spot is the area on the upper wall of the vagina through which the urethral or Skenes glands (prostate) can be felt. The search for a spot on the upper wall of the vagina, as opposed to searching for the prostate or urethral glands through the upper wall may be contributing to the difficulty of finding a single G spot and the controversy as to whether it exists at all.

Originally, it was thought that women only had clitoral orgasms. Now we are finding that one can experience an orgasm in just about any area of the body. The G-area orgasm is best described as a vaginal orgasm, which means it is generated and experienced mostly within the vaginal area. However, with practice and patience, the orgasms generated from this area can expand to include the whole body. Lovers playing with the G-area regularly have also expanded the woman's orgiastic response from the average of 10-15 seconds to minutes and even hours!

2. I am not kidding, but these are the facts!

The important things to know about the G-spot are:

  •  Every woman has a G-spot.
  •  Massaging the G-spot is the key to multiple orgasms and also female ejaculation, which are said to be extremely pleasurable by a woman who has it.
  •  Every woman has the capability to reach G-spot orgasm. All you need is the desire and the right technique.

3. If it really exists, then where should you point to?

The G spot. Here you'll learn what it is, where it is, and what to do with it. The technique takes only minutes to learn but you may need a few tries for it to work. The G spot is a zone about two or three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, closest to the clitoris or pubic bone. With the right technique and a bit of practice it can yield lots and lots of pleasure for women including orgasm, multiple orgasms and female ejaculation. In the diagram below, it shows you where exactly G spot is:

  • It's important to focus on your partner's entire body, before focusing on the g-spot. It's also important to know that not all women seem to respond to g-spot stimulation, making it essential to pay attention to individual preferences for sexual pleasure.
  • The G-spot is named after a German doctor, Ernst Gräfenberg, who wrote the book "The G-spot" in 1982. The G-spot is thought to be a trigger for vaginal orgasm, and is described as being located behind the pubic bone. Some urologists believe the g-spot may be an extension of female clitoral anatomy, extending back into the vaginal canal.
  • To get to her G-spot you may need to get out of the missionary position and penetrate from back to front, or "doggy style." Otherwise, use your fingers or thumb. The goal is to make contact two to three inches inside her, stimulating the anterior or front of the vagina close to the public bone. You can also use a sex toy specially designed for G-spot stimulation. The more foreplay, the more responsive she will be, as blood flow increases to the area with arousal. If you do use the missionary position, place a pillow under your partner's hips and have her draw her knees to her chest.

  • Make sure you're prepared, with lots of foreplay. Use your favorite lubricant to make things more comfortable. If you use your fingers or thumb, make certain you don't cause any injury, and gently press forward as you firmly stroke the area and massage. Well manicured nails are important. The actions is often described as moving your fingers as if asking someone to "come here."
  • The g-spot might be felt as a one inch ridged area, that becomes more swollen with increased stimulation. Use a very firm pressure to as you move your fingers, thumb or penis back and forth over her g-spot. Encourage your partner to relax. It's natural for a woman to clench her muscles prior to orgasm, but during g-spot stimulation, it's important for her to relax her pelvic muscles. Some women describe the urge to urinate. Tell her to let go of the urge, as it's merely the sensation produced by the urethra from stimulation. There should be no real worry about accidental urination.

4.Here are the preparations for the whole session. Please bear this in your mind.

  • Trim your nails short. Watch out for long or sharp nails. They can cause small cuts or tears in the delicate skin in and around the vagina.
  •  Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Foreplay builds sexual arousal and fills the sex organs with blood, making them more responsive. The more you foreplay, the more pleasure you'll get when you have sex. Without foreplay, touching your G-spot may be uncomfortable or even painful. Orgasm is much more likely after lots of foreplay
  • The woman kneels on all fours in the doggy position And pushes her hips back. This position really helps with G-spot massage. Pushing your hips back increases pressure in your pelvis. Your legs, hips and bum tighten up and gently squash your vagina and the surrounding area. And most importantly, this position pushes the G-spot slightly further out into the vagina, making it easier to find and stimulate.
  •  The man inserts his thumb into her vagina and presses down onto her G-spot. He should be able to feel her G-spot as a bumpy, ridged area about one inch in diameter. When a woman is aroused, her G-spot gets larger and protrudes into the vaginal canal.
  • The man massages her G-spot back and forth, with firm pressure. He then rubs the pad of his thumb back and forth on her G-spot. The pressure has to firm. Only a deep, firm massaging will work. Unlike the clitoris, the G-spot doesn't respond to light pressure.
  • The woman should relax her PC muscle and keep it relaxed.The PC muscle in women is very similar to that in men. It connects the tail bone to the pubic bone, it can clench, release and push, and it can be used to prevent the passing of urine. You can feel it in action by placing a finger just inside your vagina and squeezing. It's shown as a thick black band in the diagram below: When a woman's G-spot is being stroked, she may feel like tensing her PC muscle. Don't do this - she should keep it relaxed. Along with firm pressure on the G-spot, this is one of the keys to G-spot orgasm. Relaxing the PC muscle is also the key to female ejaculation. For a clitoral orgasm, women usually tense their PC muscle. For a G-spot orgasm it's the opposite.

5.The sensations of 'pee feeling' should be put away

. This is the final piece of the G-spot orgasm puzzle, and also unlocks female ejaculation. As pleasure builds during G-spot massage, a woman will feel the sensation of needing to pee. The key to both G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation is to just let this feeling go. What's happening is the build up to female ejaculation or squirting. This is a clear odourless liquid that squirts out of the urethra during G-spot massage. The liquid comes from glands that surround the urethra known as Skene's glands. These glands become engorged during and block the flow of urine from your bladder.

  • G spot orgasm. With practice and some luck, G spot massage will produce an orgasm. The man can feel the orgasm happening by feeling the orgasmic contractions around his finger or thumb. This will be a light, rhythmical squeezing and releasing of the vagina, lasting about 5 to 10 seconds.
  •  Multiple G spot Orgasm. If you keep going after the first orgasm, its possible to reach a second, third or more. In some cases, clitoral stimulation can produce multiple orgasms, but the most common way is G spot massage. If you reach the first orgasm from G spot massage, have a rest for about 20 seconds, but then you can begin massaging the G-spot again, as long as the woman feels comfortable. Many women find stimulation just after orgasm uncomfortable. If you keep going like this you may reach two, three or more orgasms. Leave the 20 second pause after each one, but only after the orgasmic contractions are over - don't stop during the orgasm! Again remember to use firm pressure on the G spot - light rubbing won't do anything.

6. Don?t forget these guys! Listed below are the things you shouldn?t do:

  • Don't stop until she's finished. You should be able to feel rhythmic contractions as she achieves orgasm.
  • Don't be discouraged if you're not successful. Remember, that every woman is different. She may find it uncomfortable, or she may beg for more. Take you cues from your partner - she'll tell you what feels good and what does not.
  • Remember to always practice safe and healthy sex.

7. Things to ponder

Therefore, whether you are with a woman who has never experienced this type of stimulation, or with someone who has, it is important to remember that if you choose to stimulate this area, you never know what type of response you may experience. She may jump into sexual ecstasy, she may feel nothing, or it might even be uncomfortable, even painful for her. Persistence on the part of both lovers will pay off in earthshaking dividends and profoundly, deeper intimacy, that we all crave, if they understand how to approach and surf the experience, whatever the response.

Now, in approaching the G-area, it is important to be aware of the special nature of this area. It has been realized in our bodies, that our cellular/muscular/organ structure also holds memory of past traumas, if they have not been properly and completely released. Have you ever heard of sexual healing? The G-area provides one of the most efficient and easiest ways to get there! The G-area is notably a place where a lot of emotions may be stored. Just as regular prostate massage is recommended for men to avoid prostate problems, it is actually a good idea for a woman's sexual and emotional health to make time for special, health massage/healing G-area sessions on an ongoing basis, outside of the lovemaking arena. Then she can feel total permission to explore and release any tensions and traumas she may be holding there. When stimulating the G-area during regular lovemaking, it is advisable to be prepared to switch to healing mode, if she moves into deep emotion.

It is also wise to integrate many of these techniques into your everyday play, as appropriate, such as asking permission, watching to make sure that there is always plenty of lubrication, staying focused and attentive to your lover, and taking the time to "wake her up" before you plunge into more intense stimulation. With newbies, sometimes the beginning takes a little time and perseverance, but with patience, the rewards are gaining greater emotional and physical health, greater intimacy, and bigger and better orgasms! I wish you joyous adventures discovering the paradise on earth!

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